Our FRONT DOOR has a single step about 8” in height with a door that opens into the shop.

Our REAR DOOR is level with the ground and is the second door from the left on the rear of the Belmont Ave block. Generally, this door is reserved for employees only but we’re happy to assist with accessibility access to the shop through this door. Please give us a call (804-422-8519) or knock on the door so we can help you. There’s a small amount of parking available behind the shop, accessible via the alley from Belmont Ave and Sheppard St.

SERVICE animals

According to the Health Department, we have what is called an Open Preparation Area, which means there’s no wall separating the area in which we prepare and handle food from common areas. Because of the risk of raw and prepared food contamination via a live animal on premise, we are currently not allowed to let any category of service animal inside of our business. We are more than happy to have a conversation outside, assist with whatever you may need from inside the store, and facilitate any purchasing. We have a bench outside that is tethered to the building that we encourage folks to use to attach dog leads and rest. Please give us a call (804-422-8519) with any questions or assistance needs.