Belmont Butchery beef Poultry from Belmont Butchery in Richmond Virginia Pork and yumminess combined Belmont has a European charcuterie beyond compare Artisinal sausage made from the best ingredients available

"Charcuterie" is a big fancy French word. What does it mean? Handcrafted cured meats that will make you sing with joy.

For instance, our bacon will turn a family breakfast into an event worthy of song. (Honest, our customers rave about our bacon!) A rich, varied charcuterie one of the things that sets an artisanal shop apart from a grocery store, and it's one of the things that relliably places Belmont Butchery at the top of people's lists of shopping destinations.

In-stock meats last updated: October 17, 2016
BB Bacon: In Stock Now!
All of our bacon is slow smoked over hickory. Cured using simple, classic ingredients – kosher salt, sugar and a pinch of curing salt. Then depending on the flavour, we use brown sugar, maple syrup, black peppercorns, herbs (you know the real thing! ) to season each belly.

Duck Confit: In Stock Now!
Fresh moulard duck legs, lightly salt cured and then super slow cooked under duck fat till meltingly tender and extremely delicous.

Duck Mousse Terrine: In Stock Now!
Super-rich and smooth terrine of duck liver, subtly spiced with Port wine.

Guanciale: In Stock Now!
Cured hog jowls, coated in black pepper. Sweet, porky, salty and peppery, like a piggy gummi bear. Use like pancetta to start soups and sauces.

Jamon Iberico de Bellota: In Stock Now!
This is the real deal!

Pancetta: In Stock Now!
Italian-style cured pork belly, unsmoked and seasoned with red wine, garlic, chili flake, cloves and pepper. Great for starting soups or sauces or sliced and fried for breakfast

Pastrami: In Stock Now!
Housemade! We start with briskets, corn them and then coat with coriander and black pepper and smoke to perfection...

Pate Maison: In Stock Now!
A rustic pork pate of pork meat and liver, seasoned in a classic french country style with white pepper, clove, and nutmeg. Great on crackers or in a sandwich.

Pork Rillette: In Stock Now!
Slow-cooked all-natural pork shoulder, shredded and seasoned, then mixed with rendered pork fat and broth. Bring to room temperature and spread on toast. Ideal for appetizers or a picnic.

Proscuitto: In Stock Now!
The king of Italian cured meats, made from the sculpted hind leg of a pig, delicately salted and aged till silky smooth. Sweet and salty, prosciutto is good wrapped around melon, asparagus, with eggs, or all by itself. A customer favorite.

Rosemary Ham: In Stock Now!
We take fresh local Berkshire pork cut lean ham roasts and slow brine them to infuse maximum flavour. They are then slow roasted to prefection! Great on a charcuterie board or on a sandwich...

Salame - Nostrano: In Stock Now!
Medium diameter house salame from Fra'Mani. Salt and pepper, lower acid than Toscano. Great for antipasti.

Salame - Sopprassata: In Stock Now!
Another favorite from Fra' Mani, this salame has a great clove and mace tone to it.

Salame - Toscano: In Stock Now!
The most popular of Fra'Mani's salame. Nice and peppery, but not hot, wonderfull acidity, nice moist texture. A classic salame, almost too good to put in a sandwich.

Scrapple: In Stock Now!
Classic breakfast fare done right! Slow simmered pork and cornmeal with just the right spices. Pan-fry a slice, fry some eggs and have a Bloody!

Serrano: In Stock Now!
Spanish cured ham. In contrast to Prosciutto, Serrano is cured with salt and sugar and aged up to twice as long. Dense, dark and chewy with occasional musty, meaty flavors.

Smoked Local Headcheese: In Stock Now!
Subtley smokey, fresh and delicate, our headcheese is not only a beautiful meaty treat but it's visually stunning as well! Give this classic European terrine a try and you'll never look back.

Speck: In Stock Now!
Like prosciutto, but smoked.

We also make the following yummy varieties, but they are not currently in stock.

If you see something here that you would like soon, call us at 422-8519 and let us know -- we'll do our best to make it for you shortly!
Beef Bacon
For those that don't eat pork, or just wanna try something different! We use the same process of curing as our house bacon - but we use locally raised grass-fed Beef boneless rib plate (aka navel). Beef + Bacon = De'lish

Canadian Bacon
Perfect for Eggs Benedict... we hand trim leaner muscles off the ham of our local pork, brined and then smoked. Fry for a Benedict, or slice thin for a sandwich!

Chicken Liver Parfait
Local, fresh Chicken Livers sauteed and seasoned just so. Add a few secret ingredients and whipped into rich luciousness.

Chopped Chicken Liver
Chopped Liver that your jewish grandmother would be proud to serve! Made from local farm fresh chicken livers and hard boiled eggs.

Jambon Blanc
The most subtle of cooked hams, this French-style boneless leg of pork is brined and wrapped in cheesecloth and poached. Try a slice on a baguette with butter or slice thicker and serve warm over pea soup or lentils.

Lamb Pate Campagne
A slight twist on our standard Pate Maison--a combination of pork and lamb with dried cherry make this a beautiful and unique addition to any charcuterie spread!

Pork Belly Confit
Luscious lumps of heritage Pork Belly quick cured and slow cooked in lard and glazed. Ready to sear or fry!

Tuscan-style cured pork belly. Similar to Pancetta, but unrolled, and cured with only salt, pepper and crushed garlic.

Salame - Milano
A tart, mild, peppery flavoured salami from Creminelli. Those that enjoy Genoa salami would find this a tasty substitute.

A cajun-style cured ham. Salt cured, then rubbed with spicy cajun seasonings and hot-smoked over hickory. Awesome in gumbo and jambalaya, or slice for sandwiches.