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You didn't expect us to have only easily-classifiable foodstuffs, did you? Check back for details!

More than simply checking back, though, we go TWO better: first, check here to see if we have anything exotic in stock. Every now and then, you'll find some remarkable small-batch specials. Second, you might also call us and solicit our help in finding a special exotic meat for you!

In-stock meats last updated: September 27, 2016
Camel - Ribeye: In Stock Now!
Simply that - camel. A hearty but mild darker red meat. Best grilled medium-rare.

We also make the following yummy varieties, but they are not currently in stock.

If you see something here that you would like soon, call us at 422-8519 and let us know -- we'll do our best to make it for you shortly!
Rack of Wild Boar
A french rack of wild boar - looks like a rack of lamb, but not. Not crazy expensive either!

Wild Boar - Leg
Our wild boar is raised in natural habitats and USDA processed. These fully foraging active swine are more flavourful and leaner than their farm-raised cousins. A bone-in leg is a great way to try something 'exotic' without breaking the bank.