What's the difference between grass-fed and grain-feed beef?

The simple answer: a lot! By design, cattle should be eating mostly grass. But in the last few decades, some farmers realized that a combination of grain and grass could produce beef with a slightly different nuance in the texture and flavour. 

Grain-fed cattle produces a sweeter flavor, a softer texture and more marbling (the desirable specks of fat throughout the meat). Grass-only beef tastes richer, with a more robust flavour and denser texture. 

Here’s the thing: take to an extreme, steers can’t properly digest grain in their diet, and if their diet is mostly grain, odds are they need to be given antibiotics (to keep them from getting sick). Not ideal. To make it worse, they are then given growth hormones to help them grow larger and faster!

Belmont Butchery offers grain-fed beef with no added hormones or antibiotics, which means you can be sure these steers enjoyed a blend of grass, grain, and silage in order to give them a balanced diet and a healthier upbringing!

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