Which cuts work for which types of cooking?

Belmont Butchery stocks a wide variety of pork cuts, and with a phone call or a word to one of our butchers we can generally cut anything you desire and talk to you about how to cook it!

Different muscles/cuts have different flavors; textures; fattiness - and therefore, different uses!

Tougher cuts, like the shoulder are great for smoking; braising or any slow cook method. The shoulder also has great marbling, so it needs time to render out the fat - but this fat is what gives it great flavour!

The ham by contrast, is also a tougher cut, but naturally leaner. This leanest can make it harder to cook. It needs low and slow, but if over cooked it will tend to get dry. Which is why it is most frequently brined before cooking. 

The 'middle' meats - loin, chops and tenderloin, are naturally more tender because theses muscles are used less. So they are best for quick cook and high heat recipes - grilling, searing or roasting. Since these cuts are also naturally leaner, be sure that you don't over cook them! Pork does not have to be cooked 'well-done'. 

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