Is 100% of your meat local?

We have a mantra at Belmont Butchery: quality above all else. And while we work with a lot of fantastic local farms, all of our meat is not local.

Here’s why:

  • First, we love working with local farmers, but not all local farmers are created equal. We only want the BEST local farmers for you. Quality is always first.
  • Second, price. Locally produced products tend to be more labor intensive, and as a result, more expensive. So, by sourcing the best-quality not local meats as well, we can offer great meat at a great price – depending on what works best for your budget.
  • Third, when you are working with local meat – you are working with the whole animal and there are finite amounts of certain cuts.  For example -  there are only 6 or so pounds of tenderloin on a 1200 lb steer! But you want tenderloin, and we are out of local, we can talk about alternate cuts OR we cut you not-local filets. It just depends on what is more important, to you! Local farm raised meat or the cut of meat.  

We love our local farmers, and are always working to expand our local repertoire. BUT we are not willing to sacrifice quality just to be trendy. 

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