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While we believe that happiness comes from red meat, we don't believe it ONLY comes from red meat. Take, for instance, the chicken. An excellent source of protein that is low in fat, chicken breasts are a staple in most health-conscious diet plans. But Belmont's chicken breasts rise above diet food! Grilled, poached, sauteed, or fried, we think chicken delivers bliss in similar measure to beef.

And there's more than chicken breast to a chicken, and there's more to poultry than just chicken! You can come explore the subtle, profound differences in poultry with us. We won't steer you wrong.
In-stock meats last updated: October 17, 2016
Chicken Backs: In Stock Now!
From our local farmers... great for making stock! In our freezer section.

Chicken Breasts - boneless & skinless: In Stock Now!
An American Classic! only good stuff...

Chicken Livers: In Stock Now!
We only get chicken livers from our local chicken farmers... fully pastured, non-GMO and all that good stuff!

Chicken Thighs - bone-in & skin-on: In Stock Now!
Love that dark meat! As always - no added hormones or anitibiotics... only good stuff.

Ground Turkey: In Stock Now!
A blend of white and dark meat from British Bronze turkeys... usuallly kept in the freezer.

Moulard Duck Breasts: In Stock Now!
These duck breast come from the 'foie gras' ducks...hence their larger size! We like the tenderness of these meaty breasts.

Poulet Rouge: In Stock Now!
A French Chicken raised in North Carolina to French 'Red Label' standards. A bit smaller than our regular chickens.

Quail: In Stock Now!
Manchester Farm Quail - whole, semi-boneless are ready to stuff or put on the grill!

Whole Chicken: In Stock Now!
Our whole chickens are raised on local farms. These fully pastured chickens eat grass, bugs, worms and non-GMO feed. What a real chicken should taste like!

We also make the following yummy varieties, but they are not currently in stock.

If you see something here that you would like soon, call us at 422-8519 and let us know -- we'll do our best to make it for you shortly!
Duck Legs
Moulard Duck Legs, from those 'foie gras' ducks, big and meaty! Great for Duck Confit.

A Charles Dickens' Christmas classic! But it's not just for Christmas... This dark meat bird is rich and lush! Be sure to save that awesome fat for roasting potatoes...

Ground Chicken
Made from boned out Chicken Thighs - usually found in our freezer section.

Guinea Fowl / Hen
I dare to say it, one of the best 'chickens' that you will ever eat! This small flavourfull bird is a bit pricey, but well worth it for a special occasion.

Pekin Duck Breasts
Different breeds of ducks have different sizes breasts... these are about 7 ounces each.

Pheasant Breasts
MacFarlane Farm Pheasant breasts are all natural with no added hormones or anti-biotics. These semi-boneless 'airline' breast are about 5 ounces each.

Turkey - local & heritage
We do turkey mostly by special order during the holidays. But we do keep some local heritage (British Bronze) turkeys in the freezer - but we are limited in sizes.

Whole Duck
Our whole ducks are white Pekins and are raised all natural with no added hormones or antibiotics in a free-range setting.