We are excited to partner with Studley Farms, a family farm working to bring the production of ethical, sustainable, and humanely raised meat to our community, for the 2023 Whole Hog Workshop scheduled at Studley Farms for the weekend of February 4-5. 2023.

During this hands-on workshop, we will focus on a pasture- raised hog, walking through the entire process of how to efficiently & respectfully take a hog from pasture to plate.


Day 1 – Saturday, February 4th

The day starts with a full farmhouse breakfast. While having coffee we outline the day’s events starting with a discussion on the natural inclination of a pig vs. industrialized meat production; hybrid vs. heritage breeds and all things suitable to discuss while eating! Before moving on, we will have a briefing on safety and sanitation. Then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and help.

The PIG – stunning, sticking, scalding, scraping, eviscerating, viscera harvest, split, hang & chill.

At an appropriate time, we will stop for a hot hearty lunch to sustain us. Then back to work.

Optional – Fete de Cochon (Saturday night) – Aperitif & Supper add-on: $85

Exploring the culinary side of things, this family-style dining experience will be truly farm to table, Chef Coughlin will be showcasing multiple preservation and cooking techniques. Dinner will provide a more casual environment to discuss and explore the wonderful bits of pig, while introducing some unique culinary aspects.



Day 2 – Sunday, February 5th

Over breakfast, we will discuss the multitude of ways to break down a pig. Each country has different butchery traditions. How each part of the pig is going to be used determines one’s approach to breaking down the carcass. Once we have determined what we want out of the pig, we will proceed to cutting into primals, sub-primals, individual cuts as appropriate. We will include an overview of forcemeats (aka sausage & pate making. As well as answer all your culinary questions.

Price: $175.00
Includes 1-day instruction, 1-day breakfast & lunch for Saturday only.
Price: $175.00
Includes 1-day instruction, 1-day breakfast & lunch for Sunday only.
Price: $300.00
Includes 2-days instruction, 2-days breakfast & lunch.
Price: $385.00
All inclusive; 2-days instruction w. breakfast & lunch, Fete de Cochon
Price: $0.00
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