Have someone special in mind but don’t know quite what to get them? The gift of good meat never goes out of style.

Gift cards will be emailed to the purchaser, and are ready for immediate redemption. Simply forward the gift card email to the intended recipient -or- print it yourself to give a physical gift. Remember: YOU MUST PRINT THE GIFT CARD TO REDEEM IT IN-STORE.


  • We’ve updated our technology and entered the modern age – all gift cards purchased online will now be digital!
  • Physical gift cards are still available, but must be purchased in-store.
  • All gift cards are (technically) vaild for 1 year from the date it is mailed. We also offer a 1 month ‘oh, shit’ clause – meaning we extended the expiration date for 1 extra month. After that, ALL expired gift cards can be redemned as a 10% off coupon. SO, please make sure your recipient uses it please!
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