Henry Reidy, the long-time owner/operator of the acclaimed Strawberry Street Vineyard, is Belmont Butchery’s beverage curator. He carefully stocks our selection of wine and beverages based on season and their ability to pair with the meats and products in our display cases. He’s happy to draw on his vast expertise to help you make the perfect pairing.


After falling hard and fast for an extra aged gouda in 2004, our cheesemonger, Sara Adduci, started working in a cheese shop to support her addiction and has never looked back. A self-proclaimed cheese nerd, she loves to share her passion for all things curd with any and all who will listen.

Whether you are looking for a cheese to please the masses or a special selection for a more discerning palate, she has you covered. Our ever-rotating selection includes some of the best artisanal cheeses and accompaniments from around the world. Our cheese case may be small, but it is mighty!


“Charcuterie” is a big, fancy French word that means hand-crafted cured meats that make you sing with joy. We produce a rich, varied selection of charcuterie that sets us apart from a grocery store and puts Belmont Butchery at the top of people’s shopping lists.

From house-made bacon (a customer favorite!) to duck confit, cured hams, salame and prosciutto, our case offers everything you need to make your snack a meal. If it’s not in the case, ask us – we’ll make it for your next visit!


Putting together cheese and charcuterie for an inviting board is virtually impossible to get wrong. We can guide you, but have fun, experiment, and let whimsy be your guide.

Here are some tips: Start by selecting 3-5 cheeses: choose different textures and milks, one soft, one firm, a blue, and a wild card. Next, select your charcuterie: sliced dry cured salami, some ham, a chunk of pâté. Let your cheeses and meats reach room temperature before serving to unlock the flavors and aromas. Pair your selections with a variety of accompaniments, including something sweet and fruity, something nutty, something pickled and briny, a chutney, jam or honey, and fresh crisp vegetables like cucumber or radish to cleanse the palate. Top it all off with a crusty baguette and a nice glass of wine, and your board will become an exploration of new flavor combinations.


Mon-Fri: 9:30AM-7:00PM
Sat: 9:30AM-6:00PM