Every single menu idea, recipe and meal begins with an exceptional selection of ingredients. And when it comes to beef, Belmont Butchery offers a better selection and higher quality than you’ll find in an everyday grocery store for three decades.



Belmont Butchery offers the finest pork available! Our local farm raised pork comes primarily from the same co-op of farms in NC that supply the hams for award winning Lady Edison Ham. My first exposure to this hardworking group was while teaching at the NC Niche Meat Conference in 2015. In 2022, the stars finally aligned to be able to bring this co-op of heritage breed, pastured pork farmers to the shop! While I get that NC is not totally local, it’s exciting to be able to work with multiple small farmers and discover the nuances that their pork offers us.

Our house ‘basic’ pork is still no added hormones or  antibiotics pork but from a commercial farm in North Dakota.  All of our pork is more highly marbled than supermarket brands and never injected with “artificial flavor enhancers”, our pork possesses a simple, robust, delicious flavour all its’ own.


    Personalized, individual, and crafted by hand in small batches, each of our sausages tell a story of old-world technique. Taken from traditional recipes from France, Italy, and Germany, we’ve modernized them to present a sophisticated harmony of texture, flavor, and taste, made with passion and love.

    All of our sausages are made with pork, with no added hormones, antibiotics, soy proteins, or preservatives. There’s nothing artificial – simply meat, fat, and flavor. Good stuff done simply. Each recipe has a specific flavor profile and a wide range of uses.

    Our lamb sausages are just that – 100% lamb, lamb fat, spices in a lamb casing. 


    While we believe that happiness comes from red meat, we don’t believe it ONLY comes from red meat. Take, for instance, the chicken. An excellent source of protein that is low in fat, chicken breasts are a staple in most health-conscious diet plans. But Belmont’s chicken breasts rise above diet food! Grilled, poached, sauteed, or fried, we think chicken delivers bliss in similar measure to beef.

    And there’s more than chicken breast to a chicken, and there’s more to poultry than just chicken! You can come explore the subtle, profound differences in poultry with us. We won’t steer you wrong.


    Often over-looked Lamb and Veal are not to be missed. All of our lamb is domestic, either from Virginia or Colorado, mild and succulent. Veal is simply gets a bad wrap! If you want to know why –  just ask and I’ll explain  that if you drink milk or eat cheese then you should eat Veal too! 


    You didn’t expect us to have only easily-classifiable foodstuffs, did you? While we don’t specialize in ‘exotic’ meats, you might be surprised by our range of options. Give us a call and see what is currently available! And don’t be afraid to solicit our help in finding a special exotic meat for you.


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